Easy Security in Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the continued development of the Navision, Microsoft Dynamics NAV product from Microsoft. Many changes to the technical environment and application have happened over time. The BC 15 (Fall 2019) remove the C/SIDE development environment and C/AL language that has been at the core of the product for the last 20 years, this change interrupts many tools. Using the BC solution in Microsoft's Public Cloud (SaaS) is also limiting what is allowed to change. This affects Easy Security since we use many technical features and system tables in our solution.

Logins and Permissions

BC 13 (Fall 2018) and BC 14 (Spring 2019):
We have released the Logins and Permissions part of the solution, we also expect to release Segregation of Duties Permission Sets in early January 2020. This solution works with solutions developed in C/SIDE and as Extensions. Easy Security owns the security assignment so Assignment of permission Sets from Extensions is currently not possible, this is planned to be released for a future release in the first half of 2020. This solution is released as a C/SIDE solution (fob-file).

BC 15 (Fall 2019) and later:
The solution is currently not released. We are considering the options for a solution and currently do not have an expected release date. Many table structures has changed and many features need a complete redesign to work with the different option an Extension solution provide.

BC SaaS (Public Cloud):
We do not have a solution in the App-Store. Microsoft does not allow changes to system tables from Apps (not from PowerShell or custom development either) in the Public Cloud. This prevents us from making a version of Logins and Permissions. We are looking for changes to this policy or maybe add some features from the solution as a smaller App. But we do not have an expected release date for this.

Field Level and Data Security

BC 13 (Fall 2018) and BC 14 (Spring 2019):
This solution is released. Changes to code are done in the text format from C/SIDE and affect all code that is not developed as an Extension, we plan to release a framework so manual changes to Extension code can be added to support new Pages and Page Extensions where the source code is available as AL to be modified. This solution is released as a C/SIDE solution (fob-file).

BC 15 (Fall 2019) and later:
We are looking for what the options are available for this solution. The code modifications can partially be written as an extension, but we have a problem with the collision of properties based on the limited features in Microsoft's Extension framework, Microsoft currently has no solution for the base code and extensions writing code on the same property. Properties are not controlled from all solutions only the "last" win and this cause problem with standard fields like the Ship-To Address fields and Actions like the Approval that is being controlled from base code too.

 BC SaaS (Public Cloud):
We do not have a solution in the App-Store. The problems with limited access to data and modification to the code, like on-premise, are preventing this currently.


NAV Easy Security History


Modules and pricing for Easy Security. The Easy Security must be purchased through your NAV/BC partner as other modules for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC.

Please contact for a demo version, to get the current version of the source code or a pricelist.