These training videos are around 2 hours session of installation, setup, tips & tricks and using NAV Easy Security (version ES1.40.30 in NAV 2013 R2). The timeline below allow you to fast forward to the section you are interested in.

Technical Install of NAV Easy Security

00:00 Introduction, Download objects and file overview
02:30 Import NAV Easy Security Objects
05:00 Setup New Company in NAV
06:10 Running Roles and Logins Wizard and exporting objects
11:20 Additional Setup after running Wizard
12:40 Adding a Service Tier
19:30 Setup of SQL Profiler
22:55 Revert RAPID START Role Center change
23:30 Adding the test Recording, adding file permissions
25:45 Field Level and Data Security Basic Setup
27:10 Running Implement changes in code Wizard
32:00 Testing Field Level Security

Roles and Logins basic features

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Logins
00:55 Adding Access Controls to a Logn
01:35 Role Groups
03:10 Company Groups
04:20 Update Login
05:10 Summary Permissions
05:50 Expiry Date and No Permissions
08:05 Adding Tables to Summary Permissions
09:25 Login level Expiry and No Permissions
09:55 Permissions as login
10:20 Login maintenance Best Practices
11:40 Role/Permissions Set Recording with SQL Profiler
15:10 Create new Role and Import SQL Trace
17:20 Looking at Recorded Permissions
19:20 Redoing recording wihtout restart of Service Tier
21:45 Adding Recording to Existing Role
26:15 Role Builder Permissions
28:45 NAV Easy Security Demo Roles
31:25 Combining Roles to User Types
32:20 Demo Roles in Install Folder and Import Export
33:30 Looking at a Demo Roles
36:25 Publishing Permissions
39:25 Looking at Restore Points
42:40 Restoring Permissions from a Restore Point
43:50 Update Summary Permissions Manually

Roles and Logins advanced features

00:00 Introduction
00:20 Adding a new User
02:55 Adding a new Company
05:15 Checking Company exists
07:05 Object Level Security (ALLFREE)
11:10 Adding Object level Security from Relations
13:55 Loging/Logout and Object Execute access
15:25 Adding Objects and Object level Security
20:00 Adding new objects and Source Code Analysis
21:50 Role Builder Permission with Source Code Analyzer
25:00 Launching Objects/Planning Roles
26:45 Setup another company for Recording by Launching Objects
28:40 Recording Permissions for Role Centers
31:00 Login Setup for very strict security

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